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Doll's can be custom ordered in the original 20" Karens Kids, 16" Lil Kids, 18" Baby Dolls and Special Angel Handicapable Dolls
This page is for ordering 20" Karens Kids and 16" Lil Kids
20" dolls cost $90 plus s/h and 16" dolls cost $82 plus s/h
If you want to order a Baby Doll or a Special Angel Doll, please use the following links to find the correct order form:
18" Baby Dolls
20" and 16" Special Angel Handicapable Dolls
You can see some pics of a few custom made doll's I recently made to match real live doll's HERE! 
Or click HERE to read what satisfied customers think about Karens Kids.
Thank you for your order! Have a GREAT day!
Custom made doll's make a great gift for a child, an adult or yourself! 
Great idea for any doll lover, baby to 101!
You can also purchase ready made Karens Kids at 
If you would like to send me a picture, please send it to purchase @karenskottage.org (no spaces)
Please Note: 
Doll's are taking 4-6 weeks to complete at this time.
Please be sure to order in plenty of time for your celebration date.
Each doll comes with a complete outfit including undies, hair accessories and shoes/socks (unless dressed in a sleeper)
Something New to help you with your selections!
I've added samples of hair color, hair styles, skin tones and outfit styles HERE! 
Please visit the sample page if you aren't quite sure which style, color, etc.,  you'd like to order.

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Outfit Color 
Please give me 2 or 3 of your favorite colors in the box below.
 Include any Special Requests in the box below. 
Please remember, if you have a special needs request, use the Special Angel Custom Doll form.
Your email address is being asked ONLY as a way to contact you.
 I will not sell or give it away. 
Be assured that I put every effort into making a doll very special for each and every one of you. 
Because this is a doll made specifially with your choices, I do not offer a refund on custom made dolls. 
Please be sure you have selected the correct choice's for your doll..
Be sure to check your email within the next 48 hours. I'll be emailing you with all the choices that came over on your order form. 
If you want to change something or made a mistake, please let me as soon as possible.
FIRST: Submit Order: 
Double check your selections, then click on the Submit button
Meaning of Name
Please Note: Meaning of name is any special thing you'd like to add, such as "One That is Loved". 
It's up to you! Or if you would like me to find the actual meaning, I will.
Submitting your order is a two part process.
Be sure to use the Submit button to send your order choices to me. 
Return to this page and use the "Add To Cart" button to pay for your purchase. 
Please note: Order forms received without payment will be deleted after one week.
20 inch doll 16 inch doll
SECOND: Pay for Order:
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1. Doll Size
Hair Color
Bang Style
Straight or Curly?
Hair Style 
(only choose one please)
Follow my new blog for updates on the dolls!
"Curly hair"
I am so EXCITED.. 
I have finally found a way to permanently curl yarn for curly hairdo's!! 
It's soft, it's bouncy and it's cute! To read more about it, visit my blog located HERE...

"Eye Glasses"
It is sometimes very difficult to find glasses that fit the dolls. If I have them available, I'm glad to add them. 
Just add a message to include a pair of glasses in the special request box with your color choice. 
But please remember, I do this as an extra and do not guarantee I will always have glasses available.
Right now I have the following colors available:
20" Dolls
Pink Fuschia  or Wire Rim Frames
16" Dolls
Light Pink Plastic Frames or Light Purple Plastic Frame 

Braided Pigtails High On Head
Braided Pigtails Low by Ears
French Braids
Pigtails-Short-High on head
Pigtails-Long-High on head
Pigtails-Low by Ears
Short hair all over head
Sides Pulled Up,Back Down
Hair parted on side, hanging loose
Light Blond
Dark Blond/Light Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brown
Red Head