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I received the cottage screen earlier this week. Wanted to tell you how pretty I think it is! 

Hi Karen,
I bought a beautiful cat tent from you in July 2007.  It is so adorable with the blue and white check outside and the soft flannel daisy interior, and looks perfect in my family room which is blue and white.  I bought if for my ragdoll Katie's 3rd birthday because she is very shy and likes to hide and I wanted to know where she is.  Well, she absolutely loved it and went inside checked it all out and was so happy.  My only problem is that my other ragdoll cat Simon likes it too!  Finally yesterday, they both went in together and still had room to spare (I bought the medium size).  Thank you for making such a wonderful quality product that my kitty's love.  I really enjoyed reading your story about how you began your business and how much you love your work!  I hope someday to find a job that will give me as much joy as yours gives you.  
Thanks again,

I just received the cat tent today.  I loved it.  So did Elway my Maine Coon.  However my bengal cat also liked it, so I am e-mailing you to get another one for him.  What other colors do you have in the same material that you used on the outside of this particular tent?  I like it better than a cotton material because it seems like it won't attract fur to it.  My husband wants it to be a different color so that they both won't have brown.  I liked the brown.  Could you send me photos for any of the other colors you might have in this material?
South Carolina

I just received the cat tent today.  I loved it.  So did Elway my Maine Coon.  However my bengal cat also liked it, so I am e-mailing you to get another one for him.  What other colors do you have in the same material that you used on the outside of this particular tent?  I like it better than a cotton material because it seems like it won't attract fur to it.  My husband wants it to be a different color so that they both won't have brown.  I liked the brown.  Could you send me photos for any of the other colors you might have in this material?
South Carolina

hello karen,

your camo cat tent is very nice and the flap is perfect.
you need to let me know the extra costs so i can paypal you
for your additional work.
thanx again,

Hi Karen,
I just received the tent.  It is absolutely darling.  Very very well made, and I love the fabric.
I took a pic of Coco in it....she has stayed in it.  She LOVES it.  I think it is a huge hit.  And it is just the perfect size for her.
Thanks so much, I am so very happy with my purchase.  I will definitely tell all my friends how wonderful it is.  Nothing out on the market compares to it!
Thanks again,

Kitty Kozys are not just for Kitties. Our little ones are enjoying their new cozies, as you can see in the attached photo. Tiny Roxanne on the left, Peanut on the right.
Note: A picture of Mike's "dogs"  in their kozy kitties can be seen on the feedback picture page! SO CUTE!!

Thought you might injoy the pictures. Cats just love there new tent.
Cute Pics!! Thank you for sending them.. I've added them to the feedback pic page.

Just a thank you note for your great service. The cat tent was an immediate success with my cat as you can see in the photo attached.
Lydia's beautiful long hair Tortoise kitty can be seen on the feedback pic page.

Hello, I bought one of your unfinished screens and I just thought I'd share how it came out. 
She's got a Hello Kitty theme in the room already so I used peel and stick border as well as decals from Target. I'm going to use it to hide the cat box. 
Thanks a bunch. 
Stephanie V

Check out Stephanie's creation!! She made a cute Hello Kitty Screen! So Cute!!! 
It can be seen on the feedback pic page.

karen, got the tents!  they are soooooo cute - you do excellent  
work!   i am so impressed.  the ones i've tried to make are so  
inferior it's laughable.  maybe the cats won't laugh!
  i think 2-3 cats will fit in one tent, and i'm adding extra fleece  
so they'll be warmer even in the coldest temps.
luckily it's been 60's this week but getting very cold this weekend.   
weird warm spell - setting records and right now we have tornado  
watches cause the cold front's coming in.

  i don't know how to thank you.  just know some little homeless  
kitties will be more comfortable because of you.  and each time you  
look at tomi in his own bed think of them.  i'm sending you shipping  
costs in mail tomorrow.  thank you again, and keep in touch!

p.s.  i am a teacher and my theme this year is "me to we" about  
helping others.  we're involved in several global and community  
service projects (one of which being local animals).  we have a  
bulletin board with people who have made a difference, and i' d like  
to put your picture if you want to send one.  i'll at least put  
something about you there and tell the kids of your generosity.   
thank you again.
Hi Karen;
   Mom loved the screen. She got a good laugh at the cat peeking out. She was worried about her cats accepting it, since they don't like change, but they don't mind at all. Mom is very happy with it. 
 Hope your Christmas was nice and everyone is healthy. 
I hope you will write again sometime.
Yours truly, 

I just received a pup tent and I wanted to thank you and let you know how beautiful and perfect it is!  I have been searching for a tent like this for a while now and finally I found something that my two little dogs can sleep in.  Perfect size and very well made.  Thanks again!!
Jennifer B

 Here are some pictures of the boys in their new tents.  They are WONDERFUL!!!  Such a nicely constructed product.  You would never find anything of this quality in the stores....nicely done !!
 I certainly love the size.  These are Maine Coon boys and they are BIG!!  Lots of room to move around in the "pup" tents for sure.  The colour selection you offer is wonderful....and we really are pleased with our selections.
 I have already emailed pictures to our cat breeder and daughter....so hopefully you will get a few more orders.
 Best of luck and continued success with your wonderful business.
Courtice, ON

Pictures of Gloria's beautiful Main Coons can be seen on the feedback pic page.

Got it today and my dog LOVES it.  Thanks for a great transaction.

Heather T
This was an order for one of the new BIG Dog Tents

Thanks Karen - I have three cats deciding who gets to sleep in it. LOL  It arrived today. Love your website -  you have some beautiful items. I used to work with children with disabilities so was nice to see the dolls for them.
     Hugs, Elizabeth

hello karen
my geriatric old boy's bed arrived today and does he ever love it! he was so excited to see it come out of the box and climbed right inside. since he can't jump up on his post anymore, i feel much better seeing him in a cozy draft free tent. it's beautifully made inside and out and really is exactly as discribed. beautiful job (packing too) and fills such a need. thank you so much for making this wonderful tent!

Hi Karen,
Got my Kozy Kitty Sack today which I call my Snuggle Sack.  Wanted to send you to pictures of my kitties enjoying it.

Note: A picture of Deborah's beauties in their kozy kittie can be seen on the feedback picture page
Beautiful baby's!

Your cat sacks arrived and they were more beautiful than I expected!  Of course, the warm weather arrived with them, so my kitties one look and sort of poo-pooed them. :(

Tonight, it's blustery and chilly.  Otter Sea Star just got out of her cozy sack, so Squeaker took the opportunity to plop on top of it.  He could have chosen another blankie with an electric warming pad, but noooooooo.  This isn't the first time I've caught this Russian Blue on Squeaker's sack.  :)

 Robbin loves her sack, too.  She prefers to 'play' hide and seek with it, ducking in and out of it.  I know that when fall and winter come around, I'll find her in it for longer periods.  Robbin's the kitty that enjoys 'helping' me make the bed.  By helping, I mean that she goes underneath the fitting sheet and doesn't come out until the weight of the comforter becomes too much.

Thanks for the prompt delivery.  Your product is special and extremely well-made; made with plenty of love, too!
Kitty love,
Debi >^.^<  
  Just wanted to let you know that the kozy kitties arrived today and we are VERY happy!  Thank you so much!  We hope to shop with you again soon.  God bless!  Dawn
The little cat tent is precious and so thoughtfully, lovingly and skillfully made. And I love the Happy Cat colors. I knew it was going to be wonderful, but it exceeded all my expectations. 
The smallest and shyest of cats, a little girl named Deerly (she is half Manx and has a tail like a deer) was the first one in the tent. She, who is sometimes intimidated by one of her brothers and sometimes her Mom, took such delight in gently smacking everyone's face when they peeked in the tent!  Best wishes for a happy new year......
My two cats have to be the world's most finicky cats when it comes to cat beds. I have spent quite a few dollars in the past year trying to find a catbed that they will actually sleep in. Miko would rather sleep on an old tshirt of mine than on anything nice and/or comfortable. Homer doesn't care as long as he's near Miko. 
Well, we received the cat tents today and neither of these two will come out!! They took to them like magic!
They are so beautiful and well-crafted. 
I just wanted to say "thank you" for offering such nice quality products and the lightening fast shipping....Wow!!
Hope to do business again in the future,
A. MacHolmes and two very satisfied cats!!
New York
Your shipment arrived today and the cat tents are even more wonderful than they appeared in the pictures! My daughter is going to be so thrilled on Christmas! Thank you for your swift response. I'll be using your services again and will certainly let all my cat loving friends know about your site! 
Joleen A.
I purchased two cats from you in December, Blizzard and Moose. Your cats are really special... they have a great whimsical personality!  I plan on buying more in the near future. Thank you. 
C. Jones
New York
The tent is beautiful!! I am so pleased with it, and OSCAR is as well (my cat). He slept all night in it last night : )
Thanks again,
Just wanted to let you know I received the tent. It's adorable and very well-made. My cat loves it already! She went in right away and has gone in many times since. Thank you very much!!
New York
Good Morning Karen..
Thank you so much. I have received the girls tent. It is so cute and they love it!
Thank you again,
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my cat box privacy screen. The colors go exactly! I'm absolutely thrilled. 
Thanks again,
Hi Karen,
The privacy screen arrived today. It's beautiful! I love it. The kitties are getting used to it and checking it out. Because my cats are getting older, I had to put a kitty box in our bedroom and didn't like the way it stood out, so the kitty screen looks great. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am and that it arrived in fine shape. 
Thank you for your great product. In searching the Internet for a catbox screen, your's were the best in the pictures, and I'm very happy with the actual product and the way it looks in my home. 
Dear Karen,
Your tent arrived yesterday and I have so many adjectives to describe my delight with it that I could fill this email with accolades. 
Calico Peekaboo moved in instantly and looked so beautiful framed adoringly through the little round entrance. 
Hi Karen!!!
OMG...I got it in the mail today!!! I'm sooo excited!! It's beautiful! I'm certain that my friend's cats won't break this one.. she had gotten a cheap one and they busted it! LOL She's gonna love it: my 2 boys checked it out, too! But I didn't want their fur on it so I packed it up... 
It's just fabulous' you do good work!
Thank you so much...Happy Holiday's to you!!
Gaby ^..^
Hi Karen: 
I absolutely love the country blue check tent. It arrived today. I have ordered 4 more of your tents. They are the nicest tents I have ever seen. I will look forward to the additional tents I have ordered. I will let you know when they arrive. 
Kindest Regards,

and again with her 2nd order:

Hi Karen:
All the tents arrived and they are Wonderful! I will take my mom's to her tomorrow. The cats just LOVE them. If I am looking for one of my cats, I just look in the tent and sure enough...
I will be back for more later. Thank you again for the wonderful service and prompt delivery. 
May God Bess You Always,

The new tent arrived yesterday and Francis moved right in. Guess that's an endorcement you can't refute! 
Hi Karen,
Just got Mya a couple days ago and wanted to let you know how happy I am with her. She is so cute. My daughter is going to love her. I can't wait to see her face when she opens her on her birthday she will be sooo happy. Thank you so much for helping me and being so nice. 

I got my cat bed today! My cat is totally excited.... I can tell! It's so large that she has plenty of room, and I know this bed will hold up better than her past beds. I'm positive that she'll sleep in it every night, just like she did with her old one. It's great! What a talent you have to making such sweet, elegant tents! I took some pictures of her in it, and when I get the roll developed, I am going to send one to you! She honestly looks like a spoiled little princess! I love it! Thanks a lot!
Hi Karen,
I just had to email you and let you know that I can't stop looking at my cat's new
privacy screen.  Before I didn't want to see my cat litter box and now I just want to look
at the Privacy Screen all the time.  It is too cute!  Thank you so much for brighting up
my cat's private area and they both seem to really enjoy it as well.  You have wonderful
items and I will be starting my christmas shopping soon!
Have a wonderful day!
Anchorage, Alaska

I just wanted to share these pictures with you, the boys seem to love the tent,  they did the smell thing first checking it out as normal animals do and then crawled in.  I think they love it.  
What an awesome tent. Thanks for sending it so quick.  Also the box it came in is a huge success for them too, they love empty boxes.

Hi Karen,
Just wanted to let you know I received my order last week and the screen is beautiful and the tent is adorable.  My cat, Rascal, was sleeping in it the morning after I got it and I was pleased to see there is plenty of room for her, as she is a 16 pound cat.  Thanks so much.  I'll be sure to refer people to your website.  

It arrived today, Karen, and I wanted to tell you how beautiful it is!  Thanks so much. God bless.  Linda

Click HERE to see some cute pics of furry customers!

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Hi Karen,
My privacy screen arrived just a few minutes ago.  I just want you to know it is PURRfect.  
I will bring Bailey home the end of this week.
Thank you so much.
Arlene E
Hi Karen,
I received my pup tent yesterday and it is adorable.  My baby, Casey, went in it immediately and then proceeded to try and drag it around the living room.  Which was pretty funny considering he is a whopping 4 lbs.  It came at just the right time.  We are going camping for a week this Monday.  My family is going to get a kick out of the tent.  I will have to send you a picture.  
Thank you so much for the quick turn around time.  I'm very happy with it.
Sherry Beckmann 
Dear Karen,
I apologize for responding so late, but I did receive my screen and love it.  So do the kitties!  We have two cats named Tigger and Flannel.  Tigger because he is a yellow tabby and bounces all over the place, and Flannel because she looks like gray flannel.  
Can you tell me if the screen is weather proof to a degree?  We have a covered screened in back porch and put ours there.  I'd like to know if it will be ok there.  
Thanks again and love your web page.
Kindest Regards,

To answer Carolyn's question, I'm not really sure if the screens are weather proof or not. I know I had the first ones I created stored in our garage and they're still in great condition, so I would suspect as long as they are kept dry, they should hold up well on, as example, a covered porch.
Dear Karen,
Here is the young lady in her brand new tent at Grandma's - she loves it!!!
Thank you SO much!!
Maria  :)

Maria sent a picture of her daughters beautiful cat that can be seen on the picture feedback page
Hi Karen!

 Geez, I am SO sorry I haven’t emailed you until now – we were out of town.  The screen arrived before we left and I didn’t have time to open it.  Just opened it today – Gosh, it is absolutely GORGEOUS - I know my daughter will LOVE it – can’t wait to see her face!  I think it turned out really nice.  Thanks so much again Karen – appreciate it!

I am going to have to check out your adult bibs because I know that would be a great idea for my mom.

Enjoy your day,

Cindi F

Hi Karen,
We received the three tents for our adopted kitties.  After sniffing them for about 2 minutes, in they went!  We couldn't be happier with the quality of the tents and the wonderful service!
Thank you so much!  I will be sure to tell all of my clients about you!
Carol's Critter Sitters, Inc

Hi Karen! I received both screens and absolutely love them!! I can't wait for my son to see his Xmas:) You are so artistic! Thank you so much! Happy Holidays!!
                                           warm wishes & blessings,

We have 5 beautiful Catz from 11 years to 3. Ginger & Sabrina, our boss cats have been in there for 2 days in shifts keeping the others out! Your product is so nice we ordered 2 more.

Rebecca H
Royal Oak

Rebecca sent some really cute pictures of her furry kids in their tents. They can be seen on the feedback picture page.

I'm so excited about finding your website.  Your merchandise is beautiful.
The cat screen is fabulous. Thank you once again.


Hi Karen,
Just wanted to let you know that my cat screen arrived safely. It is so pretty – love it!
Thank you so much again!
Have a great weekend,