Karens Kids
Pictures of Karens Kids custom made dolls
This page was last updated on: July 28, 2014

This custom made doll was fashioned after this little girl when she was about a year younger than she is in the photo above. I was sent the photo's below to use when making this doll. I made pink pull on pants to match her pants, a long sleeved tshirt with little teddy bears I made out of felt down the front of the shirt to match the little girls shirt and also made a little red jacket with white trim and lined the hood to match the jacket.... I found shoes to match as closely as possible to the shoes she was wearing and dressed her in white socks as the little girl was wearing.. A few years later, she's pictured with her newest doll dressed as a ballerina.
Custom Order Form
Here's a real live doll with her custom made doll.
And again a few years later!! 
Isn't she a sweetheart?
No...This isn't Michelle from
"Full House", but she sure looks like her, doesn't she? 
What a cutie pie!!
This little girl looks so much like Lil Thelma!! 
She's precious, isn't she?
Smiley face sweetheart!
What a happy looking little girl :o)
A cast to match a cast! 
The cast is removable, so can be removed once the little patients cast is removed!
I love these pictures!!
Both the little girl and her new doll are dressed in outfits made from Strawberry Shortcake fabric.
All dressed up in their best party dresses! Look at those gorgeous big eyes..
What a cutie patutie this little girl is!
Thank you for all the cute pictures.. If I've missed adding any pictures sent to me, I apologize. Between having my computer crash last year and running out of website space, I wasn't able to add all the cute pictures I've received over the years. 
I now have more website space to play with, so please, keep the pictures coming!! 

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Below are pictures of custom made dolls (and real live dolls)
More pictures of custom made dolls can be seen HERE
Excuse me..
your invading my private space...
Mom...She's touching me...
Now that I've gotten to know her, I like her!!
The pictures below made me laugh out loud!
I love this picture!
Mom had matching traditional Japanese Hancoks made for her one year old daughter and her doll!
So adorable... 
These adorable simblings and the dolls are dressed warm to go outside in the snow. 
Picture below shows their dolls all ready for bed in matching sleepers. 
One of the sisters shown above had a broken arm when she received her doll, so her doll also wore a cast. 
When the doctor removed her cast, she also removed the dolls cast....
Too cute!!!
I love this picture! 
Matching Juliet hairdos!
This sweet lady wanted a doll with a shunt like she has! 
Look at that smile!! An adorable little girl and her doll..
This cutie took her doll for a stroller ride, but stopped for a quick hug.
A real cutie pie holding her special angel doll.
This sweetie took her doll for company in the emergency room! 
I was asked to make an outfit similar to the one this real life doll is wearing. 

This wasn't actually a custom doll order but rather a ready made baby doll that turned out to be as cute as this real live doll! 
What a sweetie.
Ahhhh! So sweet.. This cute little girl took her doll along when she got her new orthodics.. 
Below, both are dressed for bed and playing with a toy together...Love the matching nightgowns ;o)
Which one is the doll? 
This little girl is sure a cutie.. She has a prothetic leg and so does her doll.