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What makes these cat tents different than the others? 
First, they're 3 layers thick for comfort and durability. The outer layer is a cotton/poly fabric in designs to match your decor. The walls have a inner batting layer which keeps the inside of the cat tent warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also helps to darken the inside of the cat tent. We all know cats love small, dark places to hide!! The inside layer is a soft flannel or fleece in a coordinating design to match the outside of the tent. Each tent comes with a matching cat mattress made of soft flannel or fleece stuffed with 6 layers of  batting for very soft comfort. 

What really makes these tents exceptional are the poles. Most cat tents are constructed with thin, wooden poles that can snap easily, especially if your cat likes to climb on top of the cat tent..My cat tents come with cross-linked polyethylene poles that will not break!! They're much more durable. The tents are easy to construct...just stick the poles in, tie the top ties and your cat has a new little home. With these poles, the tent is very easy to pick up and move from one room to another with no worry of it collapsing or the poles falling out.  
The cat tents are machine washable and line dryable, too. Just remove the poles and throw in the washing machine and hang to dry. 
The tents are 17" wide, 17" long and 17" tall....Tomi is a big cat...He weighs about 25 pounds...There's plenty of room to curl up inside ,even for big boys like Tomi. But if your cat likes even more room, I also have larger tents available. 19"wide, 19" long and 19" tall, perfect for big cats, puppy's and small dogs!

I've just added many, many new fabric choices with lots of double brushed, super soft flannel choices.... Below you'll find a picture of each group of cat tents.. clicking on a picture will take you to another page where you will see each cat tent individually and you can make an instant purchase using the add to cart buttons.. 
If you would rather send payment through the mail, email me for address info. 

These cat tents make a purrfect gift for any pet lover or a great accessory for you and your pet.
They also make cute tents for kids stuffed animals or dolls!!  

Cat tents are normally shipped within 2-4 days, but may take a few days longer during heavy order periods or when more than one tent is ordered. 
I work on all orders as quickly as possible.
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Big Boy Tents
Extra large tents for dogs.
24" wide x 24" long x 23" tall. 
Many new fabric choices have just been added!
Click on the picture for more info.
Each cat tent comes with Tomi's seal of approval..

Cattitude Tents
Cute cat tents decorated with cat design fabrics.. 
Heinz 57
A variety of Misc tents that don't fit in any of the other categories! 
Tabby Stripe Tents
A great selection of Tabby Stripe Cat Tents in many color combinations.. 
Each cat tent includes a coordinating mattress stuffed with 6 layers of batting. 

The Pup Tent Collection
Larger tents to accommodate puppies, small dogs or large cats.
These pup tents are 19"x19"x19" and come in a variety of fabric designs to match both your decor and your furry friends purrsonality!
New fabric choices have just been added!
More Pup Tent fabric choices can be seen HERE.
Bargain & Clearance Priced Tents
I've just moved a couple of tents to the Clearance page! Great bargains. 
Get em before their gone forever!
Bargain priced tents.. 
Check it out!
The Cats Meow
A variety of cat tents in great designer fabrics from Waverly, Schumacher, Kaufman & Covington. Great choices such as Waverly Wild West, Schumacher Zoey, Waverly Ivy League and more.. 
Camo Tents
Many new camo styles have been added! 
Great for the Military cat!
Cool Solids
Nice solid colored tents in grey and blue jean fabric with coordinating flannel interiors.
Pretty in Pink
Lot's of really pretty pink fabrics have just been added!! 
Perfect cat tents for your purrfect princess.
Sophisticated Toile's
Pretty toiles in a variety of color's. 
Very pretty tents for the sophisticated kitty.
Pawsitively Blue
Pretty blue tents in many shades of blue. One's sure to be right for you.
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Pet Tents
Collection of pet tents in a variety of fabric choices at a price you can afford.
 Cat Tents come in 17 inch, 19 inch and 24 inch.

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I've had quite a few customers request a flap on the doorway, so I've now added the option of adding a roll up flap for $10 
($12 for the big dog tents). 
You'll find the option to add a flap listed at the bottom of each page.

It's Pets World
Hillarious pet fabric in four colors! 
Available in both 17" and 19" tents.

Purrfectly Checked
Great new color choices in gingham and coordinating flannels! 
If you like the country look, check these out!
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Room With A View Pet Tents
Add a 2nd doorway to any size tent for an additional $5
Add a link for the 
Room With A View Here.

New fabric choices have been added to all the tent pages!