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Quilted Canning Jar Soy Candles
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Quilted Country Charm Candle Jars
These jars were apparently a limited edition item offered by Home and Gardens for one year. I haven't been able to find more anywhere and it appears they will no longer be made.
I'm glad to say I purchased quite a bit of them and will offer them as long as I have stock.
They make beautiful candles, as well as decorative jars. I've used them for canning, too with great results.. Love these jars and I'm crossing my fingers that Better Homes and Gardens will bring them back again in the near future.
Creamy soy candle in your choice of 8 oz or 16 oz quilted jars.
Canning jar lids with gingham red centers.
Available in 56 fragrances!
Fragrance descriptions can be found HERE.
To read more about the candle making process, click HERE.

Pure soy in Better Homes & Gardens Quilted Canning Jars.
These jars are too cute!
Once the candle is done, simple wash the jar and reuse it for anything you want to store in a jar, like cotton balls, Q-tips, buttons, pens/pencils, anything you can think of!

Soy wax can be easily removed by setting the candle jar in a warm oven (around 175 degrees) on a a cookie sheet or pie plate and let any remaining soy melt. Keep an eye on it, after 5-15 minutes, the soy will be melted.  Using a pot holder, remove the jar from the oven and pour any soy into a disposal container, like an empty can.  Don't pour the wax down your drain as it can clog your drain!!
Fill the jar with hot soapy water, wash out, rinse, and you'll have a pretty jar to reuse..

16 ounce Quilted Better Homes & Garden
Canning Jars
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8 ounce Quilted Better Homes & Gardens Canning Jars
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