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Fun Soy Candles
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Fun Candles
Coconut Shell candles
To read more about the candle making process, click HERE.

Glass Votives
4 oz of your favorite fragrance in glass votives vase.
Available in opaque ruby, amber, blue or green votives..
Pure soy with virtually self trimming wick.  Your choice of fragrance and votive vase color.

Coconut Shell Candles
Creamy coconut soy candle in real coconut shells with foil lining and virtually self trimming wicks. Approximately 6 oz of soy in each candle.
Great for Tropical themed parties!

Warming Tarts
3 oz of your favorite fragrance in heart shape or round tarts.
These are much bigger than the tarts you see in stores or from most other sites..
Most tarts are  only 1oz, so you need to use two or three of them in your warming crock.
These tarts will give you a lot of fragrance that will last for a long time.
I plug my warming crock in until the tart is completely melted, then I unplug..
The scent last for hours after I unplug it.. Using this method, my tarts last for weeks.