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Aroma Beads
4 oz of beads in a vintage flower round far with a wire mesh lid.
$9.00 each
Available in 9 great scents!

Aroma beads are perfect for spaces you don't want to, or can't, burn a candle, like the office, cubical's, dorm rooms, lockers, closets, drawers...
Great for any place you would normally place an air freshener, only better.
I love the smell of candles while I'm working, but I've always been afraid to burn a candle in my sewing room because there is so much fabric, patterns, dolls and other things that could catch on fire .  These aroma beads are the perfect solution!
I have a jar of them sitting next to my sewing machine and they smell wonderful!

Aroma beads are translucent plastic beads that absorb 40% of their weight in fragrance oils. Unlike smelly jellies, aroma beads are not wet to the touch or slimy.
They also do not evaporate like smelly jellies..
The aroma beads hold their scent for up to 6 months, so this is a very long lasting air freshener...  Plus they smell better than any air freshener you could buy at the store.
These are made from the same premium fragrance oil used in my candles.

I sell them in two different jar styles.
Traditional quilted jelly jar with a fluted top  found HERE or
a Vintage flower round jar with a mesh lid found.

Scents Available
Cookie Dough in dark golden amber color:  Buttery scent like fresh baked cookies.

Honey Flower in golden amber: Very nice blend of sweet honey with a burst of fresh flowers. Smells like spring.

Honey Suckle in green:  A potent sweet nectar flower. This reminds me of Avon's honeysuckle perfume, which is no longer sold..

Japanese Cherry Blossom in dark berry pink:  Exotic blend of fruit, flowers, vanilla & dewey musk. Sweet & sensual. One of my favorites.

Jergens Almond Lotion in amber:  Smells like the "original" cherry/almond Jergens Lotion.   I love this one! 

Spring Rain in green:  A blend of fresh aromatics and clean musk.

Tahitian Vanilla in dark amber: Creamy caramel vanilla.. Delicious scent!

Vanilla Lavender in diamond white: Smells like Downy Infusions laundry softener or Febreeze  Lavender Vanilla Spray (no longer available) .  A well-rounded combination of fresh lavender, fresh vanilla beans, with orange zests and patchouli.  I love this combo of vanilla and lavender and am so glad to be able to now offer it in candles!

Winter Candy Apple in dark red: Sweet tart apples and pineapple wrapped in warm vanilla musk. Very nice.  Bath and  Body Works type

Unusual vintage style glass jars have a pretty raised flower pattern. Beautiful little 8oz jars can be recycled  when done.  Or purchase a fresh batch of aroma beads once your aroma beads have loss their fragrance!
4 oz of Aroma Beads