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Vintage Blue Heritage Candle Jars
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Blue Vintage Ball Mason Jars
16 oz of creamy soy available in 56 plus fragrances
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I love vintage canning jars!
I've always wondered why the blue green jars are no longer made by canning jar manufacturers.
I was thrilled this year to find out the Ball company is offering a new line of Heritage Vintage Style Canning Jars in the pretty blue green color everyone has been trying to copy online!
These jars are so pretty! I have a small collection of the old canning jars and these jars are very close in color.
The back of each jar says
100 years of American Heritage
Made in the U.S.A.

These jars appear to be available in very limited supplies and are not carried in many stores (in my area anyways!)..
I ordered enough to use some for canning and the rest for candles!

These jars are topped with silver bands and lids, giving them a nice vintage look.

Once the candle has been used, simple wash the jar out and you'll have a great collector's jar.

This style is available in 56 plus fragrances for
$15.00 each.