Karens Kats
" The Puurfectly Checked  Cat Tent "
Pretty 17" Gingham Checked Tents!
Yellow Gingham with Rosebuds
 Pretty yellow gingham with solid yellow flannel lining and a super soft yellow rosebud mattress. 
Pretty tent for your sunshine!
Apple Green Gingham with Rosebuds
 Apple Green check gingham with green flannel lining and soft rosebud print mattress.
 Perfect tent for the apple of your eye..
Red Gingham and Rosebuds
 Red gingham lined in white flannel with a red rosebud mattress.
Sweetheart of a tent.
Pink Gingham and Pink
Pink Gingham with solid pink lining and mattress.
 Very pretty tent!
Yellow Gingham with Yellow
Sunny yellow gingham with yellow flannel lining and mattress.
Bright and sunny!
Copyright 2002-2015 Karen Challender
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Tent Links
Apple Green and White
Apple Green Gingham with solid white lining and mattress.
 Very pretty tent!
Sky Blue and Blue
Sky Blue Gingham with solid blue lining and mattress.
 Very pretty tent!
Sky Blue Gingham with Rosebuds
 Sky blue gingham lined in white flannel with a blue rosebud flannel mattress.
 Perfect tent for your sweetie..
Pink Gingham with Rosebuds
 Pink gingham lined in white flannel with a pink rosebud flannel mattress.
Please note: Picture shows lining in rosebud print, but tent will come with a solid lining and rosebud mattress.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

After 16 years on the web, I have decided it's time to semi retire.
I'm taking a few months off from any orders, but will be returning sometime this spring on a much smaller scale. 

I plan to move my website to a new platform this spring, most likely, Shopify. I'll be adding links to this page once I know where I'll be moving for sure. 

Thank you to all my wonderful customers. 
Because of you, I have been able to do what I love doing for a living for the last 16 years.

I hope you, your loved ones and all your fur babies have a 
wonderful Holiday season, and a very blessed 2018!