Barbie Fashion University
Nice tent for a cat loving Barbie fan. Barbie University fabric with pretty pink lining and mattress. Would also make a great tent for the Barbie lover who wants to take her Barbie's camping!
More than one available!
Was $38
Now $29
Karens Kats
"Bargain and Clearance Cat Tents"
Discontinued tents and new Bargain Priced Tents!!
The Cat in the Hat Tent
Here's a bright red tent with big white lettering that says Cat in the Hat all over it. It's lined with white flannel and comes with a soft white terry cloth mattress.
More than one available.
Was $38
Now $31
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Clearance and Bargain Cat Tents
Collection of cat tents in a variety of fabric choices.
Cat Tents are 17"x17"x17"

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NEW! Bargain tents...
I'll admit it.. I have a fabric addiction! I can't pass up a great buy on fabrics, and because of this, I've ended up with rolls and rolls of drapery weight fabrics and not enough window's to use them on! So I came up with the idea of a one layer tent that I can offer you at a great Bargain price!!
These Cat tents are just like the originals, but made with only one layer. They do not have the middle layer of batting or the flannel lining. Only the front panel is lined to give the doorway a very nice finished look. They're made of heavier weight drapery fabric so they aren't see through...Many of the fabrics are designer fabrics! Each tent comes complete with a coordinating mattress.. These tents are made to last for years and years of comfort.
A great home for your friend at a bargain price for you :o)
Bargain tents cost $29.

Pink Checks with Stripes
This designer fabric is a rose pink gingham with flocked pink stripes creating the diamond pattern. It comes complete with a soft off-white, flannel mattress.
Very pretty cat tent at a budget price of $29!

Circus Tent
This tent reminds me of a circus tent with it's bright stripes! Neat color's paired up with a green fleece mattresss.
Has your cat always dreamed of joining the circus?  Here's the perfect cat tent at a  budget price of $31!
Green Plaid
Another nice fabric... Bold green plaid tent with a pretty yellow rosebud flannel mattress... 
This tent looks both rustic and charming all at the same time!
Great rustic looking cat tent at a budget price
of $31!
Sold Out

That 70's Tent
This fabric reminds me of fabrics used in the 70's!  It's a designer fabric with a white background and a yellow flower, diamond pattern, with splotches of yellow here and there..It's  matched up with a bright yellow velour mattress..
Great cat tent, especially if you like a Vintage look! Budget priced at $31!
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New fabric choices will be added as they become available.