24" Dog Tents
BIG tents for dogs and furry family's!
Dog Tents
Collection of dog tents in a variety of fabric choices.
 Dog Tents are 24 inch x 24 inch x 23 inches tall

A 24" tent next to a 17" tent
24" tents for dogs!
Dog Tents
These tents are 24" wide, 24" long and about 24" tall... They're constructed just like the other tents, three layers thick.. An outside decorative layer, a middle layer of batting and an inner layer of soft flannel or fleece.. They include a 24"x24" mattress made from 5 layers of batting and covered in soft fleece.
Mattresses can be thrown in the washer/dryer repeatedly for easy cleaning.
I've added a picture below of a 24" tent next to a 17" tent for a comparison in sizing..
Please note: 24" tents are considered special order and cannot be returned or exchanged (unless they have a flaw in construction). I simply don't have room to store these larger tents, which is why there is no return on them. If you have any questions about them, please feel free to ask before placing your order. 
Flaps can be added using the link at the bottom of the page.
Tents are $60 each. Add a flap for $12 each.
Many new fabric choices have just been added!
24" tents cost $58 plus shipping. 
A foam mattress can be added for an additional charge of $10.
Black, Tan, White and Green Plaid
Exterior fabric is a sharp plaid fabric. Lining and mattress in hunter green velour fabric. 
Gray, Black and White Plaid
Nice plaid with a little bit of sparkle.. Gray, black and white plaid with gold threading running through..Lining and mattress made from black fleece.. 
Small Sage Checks or Large Sage Checks
You have your choice of mini checks or larger checks with this tent. Both are sage green and off white checks, lined in off white with a soft sage green mattress. Click the thumbnail below to see the larger check.
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Blue Flowers with Navy
Exterior fabric is a pretty blue stripe and flower pattern. The stripes are about 1" wide and run horizonal and vertical, with flowers . Nice sky blue color. Lining and mattress in navy blue fleece. 
Yellow Flowers with Green
Exterior fabric is a pretty green stripe and flower pattern on a yellow background. The stripes are about 1" wide and run horizonal and vertical, with flowers . Nice sunshine yellow with green. Lined in fleece with a soft green fleece mattress.
Print Corduroy with Brown
Exterior fabric is a sharp corduroy fabric with small lavender diamond/flower print on a brown background. Lined in brown with a dark brown knit fleece mattress.
Green Flower Vines with White
Exterior fabric is a pretty green flower vine pattern on a light green background. . White lining with a white fleece mattress.
Red, White & Blue Checks with Blue
Exterior fabric is a large checked fabric in 2" checks. Reds, blues and white. Lined in blue with a blue fleece mattress, made from a very nice fleece designed to wick moisture away from the body which will keep your pet very comfy.

Tent Links
Traditional Camo, Cream & Brown
Outside of tent is a traditional green/brown camo, lined in off white with a fleece brown mattress. 
Burgundy and Roses
Outside is a pretty burgundy twill, lined with ivory fleece with a very pretty ivory and rosebud fleece mattress.. 
Navy Blue and Arf Print
Cute tent is made from dark navy blue twill lined with navy blue fleece and a cute blue mattress with lots of cute dogs with the words arf, bark, etc. Mattress is two toned, blue print on one side, solid brown on the other side.. 
Brown Plaid with Brown
Sharp fabric is a brown and rust plaid with gold threading running through it.. Lining and mattress are brown fleece.. 
Black and Ivory Plaid
Another sharp plaid, this one is a black and ivory plaid. 
Lining and mattress is soft ivory fleece.  
Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon
Yum yum yum yum yum....What dog doesn't love bacon.. 
Brown twill tent lined in brown with a very cute fleece mattress decorated in pink pigs and cute sayings.. 
Buffalo Check Flannel Tent
Outside is black twill.. Lining and mattress is a soft buffalo check flannel in white, black and browns. 
Cute Dogs and One Cat
Outside is tan twill, lined in red fleece with a cute red fleece mattress covered in goofy, cute dogs and a black kitty..... 
Red and Paisly Dog Bones
Outside is red twill, lined in white fleece with a pretty red fleece mattress decocrated with white paisly's and dog bones.. 

Dog tents have been discontinued.