Pup tents are made a little bigger than the standard 17" tents, perfect for puppies, small dogs and large cats.. 
These pet tents are 19" wide x 19" long x 19"tall. 
They're machine washable, line dry.
They come with the same  poles as a standard tent and include a soft, comfy mattress.
These tents will give your pets a soft, secure spot to sleep, a fun place to hide or an easy access place to keep their toys!
They're 3 layers thick, just like the other tents. The outer layer is a cotton blend in a variety of fabric designs, the middle layer is soft batting and the inner layer is a coordinating flannel or fleece.    
The mattress is thick and comfy with 6 layers of batting..The mattress is washable/dryable. 
Each dog tent is $41 . Add a flap for $10. Add an extra window for $5.
This page has been updated with lots of new fabric choices!

More choices available on the
It's Pets World page.

More Pup Tent choices available on the
It's Pets World page.
Click here to see the standard 17" tent collection.

Pup Tents
Pet tents for puppies, small dogs and large cats!
Spotted Dog
Exterior is a pretty red velour, lining and mattress are made from a medium blue flannel covered with spotted dogs wearing red collars.
Solid Navy
 Exterior is dark solid navy fabric with flannel lining and a blue plaid flannel mattress.
Nice masculine tent.
Frame Dog Pictures
Funny print with framed pictures of dogs with a red background. Lining and mattress made from brown flannel.
Brown and Yellow Dogs
The outside of this tent is a yellow pinstripe fabric, lined in yellow flannel with a cute dog print mattress made from soft yellow flannel covered in dogs, bones and pawprints.
Perfect for the loved pup in your household!
Gingham and Daisy's
Pretty blue gingham tent. Lining and mattress is bluepink gingham daisy flannel. 
Sweet cat or pup tent!
Copyright 2002-2015 Karen Challender
A real cutie in his pup tent! 
Doghouse Print with Black
Fun print with dogs in their houses and out, lining and mattress made from black flannel.
Makes a great looking pup tent for your puppies and small dogs!
Red Pinstripe
Sharp tent made from red pinstripe fabric, lined in white flannel with a red fleece mattress. 

Fire Hydrants
Neat pattern with yellow background covered with fire hydrants, dog bones and foot prints. Lining and mattress of yellow flannel. 
Another fun print pup tent!
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Brown and Ivory Check
The exterior is a brown checked design with an off white flannel lining and mattress.

Green Pinstripe
The exterior is a green pinstripe fabric with flannel lining and a green plaid mattress made from soft flannel..
Makes a sharp tent!

Tent Links
Black and Pink Bow Wow
The outside of this tent is a nice black fabric, lined in pink flannel with a mattress made from a cute pink flannel covered with grey and black pups, pawprints and Bow Wows...
Cute fabric!
Paw Prints
The outside of this tent is a navy blue fabric covered in white paw prints. Lining and mattress made from soft white flannel.
Red Plaid Puppies
This is my favorite new fabric! The outside of the tent is a splotchy red fabric lined in camel tan with a coordinating mattress made from a soft flannel covered in tan dogs, plaid dog bones and slippers.
 Very cute combination! 
Pink Camo
Great fabric for the female military cat. Outside is a soft pink color, lined in pink with a pink camo flannel mattress.

Green Camo
Very nice masculine camo.
Brown, Green, Black and Tan Camo with a dark green flannel lining and mattress. 
Great combo!

Stripes and Roses
Pretty combo. Navy and ivory striped fabric covered in really beautiful roses. This is a larger print..the stripes are 1" wide. 
Lining and mattress in soft ivory flannel. 

Blue Star Tent
Solid blue exterior lined in white flannel with a pretty blue star mattress.
Sharp tent!
Cats and Dogs
Outside of the tent is country blue and ivory gingham with a super soft and thick flannel lining and mattress made from a country blue fabric full of cats, dogs, mice and flowers. 
Very cute fabric!
Blue Jean Tent
 Exterior is navy blue jean fabric with lining and mattress made from bright green checked flannel covered in colorful little dots.. 
Cute Pups
Outside of tent is made from a very soft light blue jean fabric. Lined in white with a mattress made from cute pup flannel fabric. 
Makes a great looking pup tent for your puppies and small dogs!
These tents are a perfect size for a Dachshund ..Tent is black on the outside, lined in black with a green dotted doxie flannel mattress.. 
Too cute!
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