Karens Kats
" Heinz 57 Cat Tents "
A mixture of  17" miscellaneous tents!
Yellow Stripes with Red Berry's
Very pretty yellow and white stripe fabric with red berry accents.  Bright yellow flannel lining and mattress. 
 Very pretty cat tent.
Green Circles with Green
The exterior of this tent is a soft suede flannel green fabric with a circle design. Lining and mattress are made of dark green flannel.
Bear Print with Red
This is a real outdoorsy, up north type of fabric. Bears cover the red, blue and cream fabric. Lining and mattress from red velour fabric.
 Very rustic looking!
Copyright 2002-2015 Karen Challender
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Green Plaid Corduroy and White
The outside of the tent is made from a green and white plaid corduroy fabric with lining and mattress made from soft white flannel. 
 Sharp cat tent.
Country Gingham with Rose Mattress
The outside of the tent is made from a country red and ivory gingham fabric, lined in ivory flannel with a very pretty coordinating ivory and rose print flannel.
 Very pretty tent.
Jungle Fever
The outside of the tent is dark green, lining and mattress made from a cute jungle print flannel. 
 Great choice for the little hunter..
Shopping Kitties
Exterior is a fun fabric full of cool cats shopping in a white, orange and black print. 
Lining and mattress is made from black flannel.
 Great choice for the little hunter..
Wine, Green & Ivory Plaid
Exterior is a pretty plaid in wine, green and dark ivory. Lining and mattress made from ivory flannel. 
 Sharp tent.
Paparika, Celery Green & Ivory Checked Tent
Outside is a pretty checked fabric. Lining and mattress made from celery green flannel. 
 Sharp tent.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

After 16 years on the web, I have decided it's time to semi retire.
I'm taking a few months off from orders, but will be returning sometime this spring on a much smaller scale. 

I plan to move my website to a new platform Spring of 2018, most likely, Shopify. I'll be adding links to this page once I know where I'll be moving for sure. 

Thank you to all my wonderful customers. 
Because of you, I have been able to do what I love doing for a living for the last 16 years.

I hope you, your loved ones and all your fur babies have a 
wonderful Holiday season, and a very blessed 2018!