Samples of hair colors, skin colors, hair styles and outfit styles.
skin colors    hair styles   outfit styles
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Below are pictures of doll skin tones
I've split these up by races, but only as a suggestion.
Please use whatever color you think best suits your needs.
Braided Pigtails high on head
Braided Pigtails low by ears
Short Pigtails High on Head

Long Pigtails high on head

Pigtails low by ears

Sides Pulled Up, Back Down
This can be done with sides pulled into a pony tail or pigtails, long back or shorter back. Just let me know what you'd like in the special request box.
Samples of hairstyles.
These hairdo's can be changed by adding straight bangs, no bangs or curly bangs, or choosing straight hair or curly hair.

Asian Skin Tones
Indian Dark
Doe Deer Suede
Dark, rich brown tone
Native American
Doll Face Pink Doe Suede
Ruddish dk peach color
Native American and Indian Skin Tones
Here are some samples of outfits available.
This is just to give you a general idea of what is meant by each outfit choice.
The outfit's you receive will not most likely NOT come in the same fabric's, color's, etc. as the pictures shown.
Tutu Dress
Includes a bodice with attached tulle skirt full of layers of tulle in the colors you select. Outfit includes a pair of tights.
Dress and Panties
This is probably the most popular outfit. It's a dress with matching panties in the color you request, and come in many, many styles!
All cute! All adorable!
Jumper and Blouse
Cute little blouse and jumper. Comes in the color of your choice.
Overalls and top
Jean overalls matched with a short sleeve top or t-shirt. Available for both boys and girls.

Pants and Tops
These come in a variety of styles. Available for both boys or girls.. If you prefer jeans, let me know.
Sleepers and Blankies
come in either flannel or terry, knit fabric, etc.. Come in a variety of styles and color's.

Latino Skin Tones
Caucasian Skin Tones
Biracial Skin Tones
African American Skin Tones
The Juliet
Front in braids pulled back in a  ponytail, back hanging down.
Dark, Medium and light African American skin tones.
please note: Light African American is a very, very light brown tone.
Asian Skin Tones
Light and Dark Asian skin tones.
Notice the hands together for a true picture of the difference between light and dark Asian skin.
Dark, ,medium and light BiRacial skin tones.
Dark is a golden brown tone, medium is a yellowish skin tone and light is a very light brown tone.
Light and dark Caucasian skin tones.
Light is a "peachy" tone and dark is a more ruddish looking peach, like a pretty tan.
Light and dark Latino skin tones.
Light is a yellowish tan skin tone and dark is a golden brown skin tone.
Dress and Sweater Jacket
This is a good example of this style outfit.. The sweater jacket is made from fleece and has machine embroidery around edges. The dress may be baby doll, empire waistline or drop waist. If you have a preference, let me know.
Romper and Sweater Jacket
Sleeveless romper with matching sweater jacket made from fleece with machine embroidery around edges.

French Braids
Braided Pigtails low by ears
with curly bangs
Pony Tail
Long or short
Curly pigtails, short and long, with curly bangs and without bangs.
Curly hair parted with sides and back hanging loose.
Can also be done with straight hair..
Boy or Girl Hair
Short curls all over head.
Boy or Girl Hair
Short striaight hair
Baby Hair
Short straight hair
Picture of yarn colors will be added soon