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 Special Angel 
Handicapable Kids
Handmade Special Need Dolls
Do you have a child with a physical disability and would like a doll to match their special needs?
If it's something I can incorporate into my doll design, I'll be happy to custom make a
 "Special Angel Kid" for you. 
These dolls are handmade,soft,cuddly and made with love! 
They can be ordered using the Special Angel Custom Made Doll Form found here. 
Special Angel Custom Ordered doll's cost $90 for a 20" doll or $82 for a 16" doll (plus s/h).  
To give you an idea of what kinds of special needs can be added, 
I've added a lot of new pics below of cutie patutie custom made Special Angel Dolls..
There are more Special Angel Dolls pictures HERE along with other custom made doll pictures..
Down Syndrome Doll
This little cutie has an Asian skin tone, black eyes and black hair worn in short pigtails. Because she has Down Syndrome, her eyes are a little further apart and slightly slanted, she has a cute little button nose, a small mouth, her head is slightly smaller than the other doll's and her face is a little flatter. Her arms and legs are shorter and stockier and she has a transverse crease across her palms.
Another Option to Prothetics
This little guy was also born (created) with a missing limb. He's been fitted with a "prosthetic" leg made of fabric and attached with heavy duty Velcro so it only comes off when you want it to. 

Broken Leg and Arm Doll with Crutch
Opps! Someone had a little accident! 
This sweetie has a broken arm and leg! 
It's hard to get around, but her crutch is helping her walk and her pretty pink sling is keeping her arm comfortable. Her leg and arm are wrapped in a white cast, which can be carefully removed by an adult later on if wanted. She wears a sock bootie on her broken leg since her shoe won't fit over her cast! 
This pretty girl has a Latino skin tone, dark brown eyes and a cute short hairdo.
Hydrocephalus Doll
One of the most asked for Special Angel Doll is for a doll with Hydrocephalus.  This cutie has the front of her hair pulled up into a ponytail with the back hanging down so her "shunt bump" can be felt under her hair. She also has a horseshoe scar above her shunt bump. She has a tube running under her "skin" down her front to her belly, where she has another scar (as seen in picture). 
The scars and shunt can be placed wherever you want them. 
Blind Doll with Seeing Eye Dog
This little guy is blind so he wears sunglasses and goes everywhere with his seeing eye dog, Toby. You can't see it in the picture, but Toby is wearing a little dog harness. 
This boy doll has a Caucasian skin tone, black hair with brown highlights and big blue eyes. 

Special Angel Handicapable Dolls
 © Copyright 2002-2013 Karen Challender
These precious graphics provided by
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A "Certificate of Creation" comes with each doll.
Karens Kids are also available on my new website:
Handicapable dolls are made to match a special child's disability, special needs or handicap. Missing limbs, down syndrome, birthmarks, scars, shunts or birth defects, whatever I can incorporate into my doll pattern.. 
If it's sewable, it's doable :o)
This doll has a matching horseshoe scar on the back of her head as well as a "shunt" sewn inside the doll's head.
She also has a matching scar on her chest.
Two adorable dolls!
This little girl's shunt is located behind her ear and her horseshoe scar is located in her hairline.. so her doll's is, too.
Three additional scars located on her belly, one on her chest and one by her knee.
What cuties!
Twelve Special Angel Hydro Kids recently went to Sweden to meet their new family's attending the Hydrocephalus Convention in Sweden, started by a very special mom named Merja.. If you'd like to read some informative information about Hydrocephalus and the story of her beautiful son Tim, please visit her website:
A story a Mom shared with me :o)
The very first Hydrocephalus doll I made was for one of the little girl's pictured below. Her mom was the first person to ask me to make one of these doll's and was extremely helpful in describing what a shunt is, feels like, where it's placed, what it does, etc.. 
I received an email from her a few months ago telling me about a recent trip to the hospital. It was time for an MRI, which she explained are always a little scarry for her daughter, but on this particular trip, it was to a new hospital with a new machine with people they weren't familiar with, so it created a bit of anxiety in this little girl.. She took her "shunt doll" with her and explained to the technician that her doll also had a shunt, just like hers.. The obviously "wonderful" technician showed his interest and knew this little girl was nervous, so he said why don't we xray your doll's shunt first, just so you can see how easy it is.. So he did, and it made the whole process go very smooth and fear free! And koodo's to such a compassionate and understanding technician!
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Here's a doll with a cochlear implant that includes a battery pack. 
The "hearing aid" (also known as the "microphone") is connected with velcro for easy removal, the "transmitter" (round part) is attached with a magnet so it can also be removed and the "battery pack" fits into a pocket sewn on the back of the doll garmet. All pieces are attached to each other with a cord. 
Parts are made from clay and fabric.
Prosthetic Arm Doll
This cutie traveled to Queensland, Australia with a group of other "kids" to a hospital that specializes in arm prothetics for children. 
This type of prothetic is lined with a sturdy plastic material so it is a hard prothetic with a soft hand.. 
Missing Limb Dolls
The doll in pink is missing her arm at the shoulder. The doll below, in purple, has a partial limb.
Cochlear Implant Doll
I've been asked to create a number of differnt cochlear implants.. The one shown here has the "battery pack" attached to the hearing aid.. The microphones (round part) is removable, as are the hearing aids/battery pack.
The implant below is incorporated into a headband. The dolls don't usually come with ears, but as shown below, this cutie has a partial ear.. If you would like ears added to your doll with hearing aids, please make a request for them in the special request box found on the order form. 
Unique Prosthetic Doll
This doll was made for the neice of a woman who loved to ride motercycles. She lost her leg in a motercycle accident and had her prothetic custom made to match her motercycle, which she continued to ride.. She wanted a doll for her neice, who was fascinated with her prosthetic.. This cutie, of course, needed to be decked out in a black leather vest, jeans and riding chaps :o)
Broken Arm Doll
A Special Angel Doll can be as simple as just needing a "cast" on a limb. The casts are made from a non stick surgical tape so they can be easily removed once the childs real cast is removed.. One customer told me that her grandaughters doctor removed her doll's cast first to show the little girl how easy and painless it was going to be when he took her cast off :o)
Feeding Tube & Hearing Aid Doll
This little one has a feeding tube, plus hearing aids.. 
I have had customers send me a real feeding tube to use on the doll, but I can also make them from craft foam and a button (as shown in the picture).
Chest Brace Doll
This dolls brace was created to match a real brace.
The brace is made from craft foam, buttons and elastic, so it's soft and pliable.
Pictures are always very helpful!
Most customers send me a pic of their childs implants, hearing aids, missing limbs, braces, etc... It's very helpful in recreating the same look for the dolls...
Multiple Missing Limbs
This cutie was made for a real trooper.. He is missing three of his limbs.. His mom says this little guy doesn't let anything get him down or stop him :o)
Another Multiple Missing Limbs Doll
This doll was made for a beautiful little girl with missing limbs. She had gotten a full set of prosthetics, so her mom wanted a doll with a full set of prothetics, too.  She also has a feeding tube as well as scars from surgery's.
These prosthetics have velcro around the edges to hold on to the limbs rather than sturdy plastic, so they are soft.
The soft ones are a little harder to get on and off, but the advantage is the softness. The prosthetics made with the inner sturdy plastic are easier to put on and take off, but aren't as cuddly. 
If you are ordering a doll with prosthetics, please be sure to let me know if you prefer soft ones with velcro or ones with a sturdy plastic sleeve. 

Missing Leg Prosthetic Doll
Here is an example of a prosthetic made with the sturdy plastic sleeve. As you can see, the top of the prosthetic is
solid so it slips on and off easier..  

Cathadar Doll
This cuties special needs isn't obvious, but she has a "cathadar".. This mini me was made for a little girl who was starting school, and would need to take care of her own cathadar needs, so her Mom asked me to make a doll that would help her practice. 

Soft Brace Doll
I get a lot of requests for soft braces.. I make them white with colored velcro straps.. The dolls shown here are wearing full braces. Try as I might, I have not been able to find shoes that will fit over these braces.. The brace, however, can fit over the shoe.. 
I do send shoes with soft brace dolls, though, unless the doll is dressed in a sleeper..  
This is the back of a boy dolls head, showing the horseshoe scar.. the shunt bump can be felt just below the scar.
To see a lot more pictures of Special Angel Dolls and a brief description of each one, visit my facebook page "Special Angel Dolls".
Colostomy Doll
This little girl has two stomas and a colostomy bag, which is kind of hard to see in this pic, but if you click on the link above, theres a couple of more pics of her bag..
Shoes with Lift Dolls
I've made a couple of dolls with shorter legs requiring a "lift" added to their shoes.